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Serving Success POS / RMS

Join the many successful establishments that have integrated Serving Success into their business!

Developed over the last 10 years and sold around the world, Brian Hodgson has combined his extensive knowledge of the food & beverage industry with his programming abilities to create an enterprise Point-of-Sale and Restaurant Management System!


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Restaurant / Bar Consulting

Even the brightest and most motivated business owners need expert advice from time to time. 

Are you happy with your staff?  Do you get customer compliments every day, every shift?  Are you making money?  If not, you may benefit from consultation for your business.

It isn't expensive and initial consultations are free!  You'll be surprised at what we can do without breaking the bank.

If you aren't completely happy with the way your business operates, and you aren't sure exactly what to do about it, Hodg Podg wants to help!

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